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  2. 2. How to use XGO Download the Video.
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  5. 5. Program mode
  6. 6. How to update the Mirror of XGO2


IMPORTANT: Please charge the XGO before using it the first time to increase battery life and DO NOT allow the Battery Charge level to fall below 20% to avoid Battery Degradation over time.

  • Powering ON: First, place the robot dog in a prone position laying down to avoid joints from jamming during initial boot up. Then press the ON/OFF Switch once (the Power Indicator will flash and then illuminate, indicating that the Robot is now Powered ON.
  • Powering OFF: Press the ON/OFF Switch once, the Power Indicator will start flashing and the dog will slowly lie down in the prone position. When the Robot is fully at rest the Power Indicator will no longer be illuminated, indicating that the Robot has fully Powered OFF.
  • Charging the Robot: The Robot's Charging Port is located under the Robot. Insert the Charger Plug into the Charging Port. The Charger's LED will glow Red while charging and turn Green when the batteries are fully charged.

How to use XGO Download the Video.

Try demo

Key A:top-left Key B:top-right Key C:bottom-left Key D:bottom-right

After the Robot is Powered ON, press "A" or "B" to reach the Application Menu “Try Demos”,then use "A” and "B” separately to scroll up and down to select the desired Al Application, then press "D" to confirm and execute the action selected,press "C" to return to previous menu.All the demos explain as below and opensouce in XGOROBOT on github.

  • Show:The robot circularly changes expressions, action groups and plays songs.
  • Mask:The robot automatically puts on the mask after detecting your face. The dog will follow you by the angle of you head .
  • Hands:You can control the dog by hand Gestrure 1,2,3,4,5,6 ,good and stone.
  • Teach:The dog can remember the joint position of each action and execute the action group you designed.
  • Segment:Segments the prominent humans in the scene.
  • Grap:recongnize the ball and then grab.
  • FaceTrack:The dog can detect human face on the screen and pose track with the detection frame.
  • Pose:Human pose estimation by the dog.
  • Qrcode:The camera parses the QR code content and displays it on the screen
  • AgeSex:The dog can identify your age and gender and feedback to you.
  • Traffic:The dog can identify and follow the traffic signs include trun left,turn right , go straight and stop.
  • Emotion:The dog can identify your expressions and feedback .
  • Ball:Tacking the Ball.
  • Speech: The dog will follow your command after you say the key words on the sreen .
  • Line:Tacking the line by camera
  • Color:Tacking the Color.
  • Sound:Dance with music and display the wave on the screen.
  • Recog:Face register and recognize
  • Hight:Contol the height of the dog by the distance of you thumb and forefinger.
  • Yolo:Object detection run on Raspberry .


XGOBOT Download app via WIFI. Set a WIFI SSID:XGO2 PWD:LuwuDynamics , turn on the robot and enter R.C. Mode , there will be a IP address at the bottom of the screen, connet the mobilephone to XGO2 WIFI too.

  • System working diagram,We have written the wifi name and password inside the dog , so when turn on the dog , the dog will connet to a wifi name "XGO2"which password is "LuwuDynamics"automatic, when the dog conneted , there will be an ip address at the bottom of the R.C.mode screen System working diagram

  • Enter IP adress of the robot and confirm Enter IP address

  • When connect the robot success , jump to Home page automaticly. Home page

  • Performance mode ,the robot do action group. Performance Mode

  • Motion mode with FPV. Motion Mode

  • Pose mode,the robot can translation or rotate around XYZ axis. Pose Mode

Program mode

Use Firefox ,visit XGO-Blockly, enter XGO-Blockly cloud platform which was second develope from EduBlocks,turn on Programm mode,input the IP address of your XGO, user can simply create programs by just selecting and dragging existing programming blocks。Demo Download

  • Keep the wireless networks of the computer and the robot under the same router,imput the IP address at the bottom of the robot screen Pose Mode

  • Drag the blocks on the left to center and the Python program on the right will be displayed simultaneously. Click 'Run' to execute the program. Pose Mode

How to update the Mirror of XGO2

Download the Mirror and guide.