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  1. 1. Introduction of XGO2 course
    1. 1.1. XGO Basics

Introduction of XGO2 course

XGO2 robot dog series courses are mainly for kids and teenager. There are five modules, In the series of "Dog Basics" , students will explore the mysterious mysteries of robot dogs; in the "Python Basics " series of courses, they can quickly improve their programming skills;In the "Voice of XGO2" and "Vision of XGO2" series of courses, through intimate interaction with dogs, use codes to empower dogs, make dogs smarter and wiser, and become an artificial intelligence dog! ; In the course of "Quadruped advance ", it is the first to use graphical programming to allow primary and secondary school students to understand the gait algorithm of quadruped robots, realize path planning through parameter adjustment, and finally use the knowledge learned to complete the project. The course adopts a project-based teaching method, and leads students to deeply explore and understand the principle of robot dogs through close-to-life and interesting scenarios, realize the application of artificial intelligence technology through hands-on programming, and improve students' innovative thinking and practical ability through teaching and entertainment. , cultivate information-based thinking and information literacy, and lay a solid foundation for students' future study and life.

XGO Basics