1. 1. Function description
  2. 2. Platform Features
  3. 3. Configuration parameters
  4. 4. technical parameter
    1. 4.1. Machine parameters:
    2. 4.2. Servo parameters:
    3. 4.3. AI module parameters:
    4. 4.4. Power system:
  5. 5. Certifications

Function description

  • It can realize AI edge computing graphical programming, such as face detection, object classification, speech recognition and other common programs.
  • It can realize omnidirectional movement, six-dimensional attitude control, multiple motion gait and motion superposition, built-in nine-axis gyroscope, which can keep the body self-balancing.
  • The product is equipped with a dedicated computer-side graphical programming platform with embedded common routines.
  • Servo servos have joint angle readback function, which can be used for teaching programming.

Platform Features

  • IMU posture self-stabilization - the posture data obtained through the IMU adopts a closed-loop control method, no matter how the plane shakes, the robot dog remains stable.
  • Six-degree-of-freedom attitude control of the whole machine--to achieve six-degree-of-freedom motion control of the body when the toes are not moving.
  • IMU posture is supple--through the posture data obtained by IMU, the closed-loop control realizes that the robot dog can adapt to the external force, adjust to the target posture of hand movement, and realize the teaching function.
  • User communication and secondary programming interface--open the underlying serial port protocol for secondary development and verification.
  • Motion gait planning--the three postures of low, medium and high match the three speeds of the robot dog, using different gait strategies and planning algorithms
  • Kinematics and dynamics simulation interface--under the ros environment, kinematics and dynamics simulations are performed on the rviz and gazebo platforms.
  • Omnidirectional motion control--Because of the 12 active joints, the robot dog can move forward, translate and rotate omnidirectionally through kinematics decoupling, and supports motion superposition in multiple directions.
  • Artificial intelligence - AI functions such as machine vision, face recognition, speech recognition, and simulation training.

Configuration parameters

  • The robot dog kit includes 12 bus servos; AI module; robot dog drive and sheet metal parts; 1 power adapter.
  • The parts of the robot dog are made of aluminum alloy, anodized and colored, which is safe and non-toxic.
  • Customized serial bus servo servo can realize precise movement control and expression.
  • Supporting a complete curriculum system, including teaching PPT, teacher lesson plans, routines and PC-side programming platform.

technical parameter

Machine parameters:

  • Model: XGO-Mini K210
  • Size: The default standing position is 25cm long, 15cm wide, 15cm high and 16cm high
  • Weight: 700g -Material: Body Aviation Aluminum, Silicone Calf, Nylon Toe

Servo parameters:

  • Model: bus serial servo
  • Output torque: 4.5KG•CM;
  • Speed ​​(S/60°): 0.1 S/60°;
  • Accuracy: 0.01
  • Working voltage range: 4.8V~7.4V
  • Working temperature: -20℃~+60℃;
  • Angle range: 0~360°;
  • Weight: 20±1g.
  • Motor type: hollow cup

AI module parameters:

  • Chip: Canaan K210
  • Screen: Full-color LCD screen, support positive and negative shooting, can display video, pictures and text.
  • SD card support: support SD card, can read and write AI models and pictures and music.
  • Microphone: MEMS digital microphone
  • Keys: 3 programmable keys.
  • Camera: OV2640, 30W pixels
  • External connection: serial port, IIC, etc.

Power system:

  • Charger input voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz;
  • Charger output voltage: 8.4V;
  • Charger output current: 1A, with overcurrent protection feature to prevent overcharge explosion.
  • Battery: 18650 standard 2500mAh 3C discharge


  • The products have passed CE and ROHS certification, and obtained relevant software copyright certificates and patent certificates. CE certificate RoHS certificate