Develop mode

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Develop mode

The developer firmware only retains the functions of servo angle control, PID modification, servo calibration, servo angle feedback, fuselage attitude angle feedback, battery power feedback, shutdown protection, and low battery protection.

Compared with the default version firmware, the developer firmware can only be controlled through the serial port and cannot be remotely controlled through Bluetooth, but the overall control frequency is higher, the baud rate is changed to 1000000, and the bottom layer control frequency for the servo is 250Hz; canceled The read function is changed to send data frames to the upper computer at a frequency of 50Hz, including battery power, attitude angle, and servo angle data, and the data feedback is more timely. The feedback frequency of the servo angle is currently about 26Hz due to hardware reasons. The specific data frame format is shown in the following table.

It is recommended to use it with the developer version of the Python library and sample programs.

The default parameters of PID are 20, 0, 0. In order to protect the servo and circuit board, it is recommended that the PID parameter should not be greater than 60. developer firmware of XGO-Mini

name content
frame header 0x55 0x00
frame length 0x21
reserved bit 0x00 0x00
roll float32
pitch float32
yaw float32
motor11 uint8
motor12 uint8
motor13 uint8
motor21 uint8
motor22 uint8
motor23 uint8
motor31 uint8
motor32 uint8
motor33 uint8
motor41 uint8
motor42 uint8
motor43 uint8
battery uint8
checksum uint8
frame end 0x00 0xAA