Luwu Dynamics

  1. 1. Company Introduction
  2. 2. XGO Serials

Company Introduction

  Founded in 2020, Lu Wu intelligent focuses on the research and development of the bionic quadruped robot dog XGO for the artificial intelligence education of young people. XGO has 12 degrees of freedom and can simulate the action of the spot Mini of Boston power. As a teaching aid, it can let children learn machinery, electronics and programming, combine the robot vision and natural voice processing functions and supporting artificial intelligence teaching materials, Let teenagers learn AI and lay a foundation for adapting to the future artificial intelligence life.At present, the company has 5 core personnel with master’s degree or above from Harbin Institute of technology and Tsinghua University. The company has two core patents, and its products have won 6 government and national awards at all levels in the field of educational robots: the international champion of ICRA DJI artificial intelligence challenge, the first prize of the first high-quality achievement award of college education, the first prize of the National College Students’ mechanical innovation design competition, and the national first prize of robomasters in the National College Students’ robot competition. The first prize of Harbin university students’ Entrepreneurship contest, 2019 Internet plus the Gold Award for innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

XGO Serials

XGO-Mini XGO-lite2 XGO-mini2
Host K210 Raspberry CM4 2GB SDRAM Raspberry CM4 4GB SDRAM
Programm XGOEdu Blockly&Python&ROS Blockly&Python&ROS
Structure 1.5mm Al alloy 1mm Al alloy 1.5mm Al alloy
Dimension default 25-15-16cm default 250-145-170mm default 270-150-180mm
Weight 700g 610g 900g
Servo(Num.) 6V 4.5 kg serial bus servo(12) 6V 2.3kg serial bus servo(15) 6V 4.5kg serial bus servo(15)
Leg&foot Silicone&Nylon ABS Silicone&ABS
Client STM32F405RGT6 ESP32 ESP32
Battery 18650 2S 2500mah 18650 2S 2500mah 18650 2S 3500mah
Charger 8.4V1A 8.4V1A 8.4V1A
Endurance 2h 2h 2h